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Grey Fox Wilderness is currently partnering with host groups in NC & VA to offer Programs in Survival, Tracking, Awareness, and more.  Please contact us if your group or organization would like to host an event!

Phone # (919) 524-8757 
Directors Email: Andy@Greyfoxwilderness.com
Registration Information: Registration@Greyfoxwilderness.com

Thank you for visiting our Web Site!  We are proud to provide quality Outdoor Programing for Youth, Adults, and Organzation in through out our community and beyond.  Come join us soon for a class in Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Awareness, Naturalist Training, Urban Survival, Cultural History, Community Building and more.  Please look through our web site and let us know how we can best meet you or your groups needs!

*The following classes are currently being scheduled for our 2014 Schedule:  Wilderness Survival, Intro to Tracking & Awareness, Advanced Tracking & Awareness, Scout, Tactical Scout, and more!